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Penrith Eye Specialist Practice was established in 1980 to provide Penrith with local ophthalmologists and psychiatrists. Initially a specialist ophthalmic service at Woodriffe St, Penrith, we expanded to include a psychiatric facility in 1982. Our practice moved to our current purpose-built premises in 1987.

Our 26 Higgins Street address incorporates a well-equipped operating theatre capable of carrying out cataract and other surgeries. In addition, we offer specialised treatment for macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, and retinal surgery (including retinal detachment and other surgical retinal problems).

Over the years, we have maintained the highest quality of service from our team of dedicated medical and non-medical professionals. Our patients are our major source of education, experience and inspiration. Each of us respect and treasure the challenges of everyday life shared with us by our patients and we feel extremely privileged to help. Our shared philosophy is one dedicated to care, compassion, respect and excellence. We adhere to the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Geneva and the Hippocratic Oath.


Dr. Jay Chandra

Dr. Jay Chandra also operates at Nepean Private and Westmead Public Hospitals. Dr. Chandra is the Senior Retinal Surgeon at Westmead Public Hospital and established the Vitreoretinal Unit there in 1985.


Dr. Prunima Roy

Dr. Roy also operates at Nepean Private. Dr. Roy has been practicing as an eye specialist for over 30 years. Dr Roy specializes in medical retina including Diabetes, Macular Degeneration and other retinal and inflammatory diseases.

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Our Psychiatric Team

Our Psychiatric practice was established in 1982 by Dr. Shailja Chaturvedi. We currently have three psychiatrist consultants. Our team can help you with 

  •  Medical-legal issues

  •  General psychiatry

  •  Children’s psychiatry

  •  Geriatric psychiatry

  •  Anxiety disorders

  •  Mood disorders

  •  Psychotic disorders

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