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Raising a child involves, emotional and physical development which is impacted by nature and nurture. The socioeconomic factors, the environment, family, culture, education and stability are some of the essential ingredients to build the optimal quality of our future generations. One can not create ideal situations and circumstances for our children in the unforseeable future, so we need to equip them for the challenges they may face in life. The preparation for the best possible crop begins from the seed quality. This book illustrates the preparation for parenthood, what can go wrong , how to prevent, ameliorate, rectify or minimise the potential danger and maximise the chances of positive life experiences. This book has taken the best child raising practices from Eastern and Western cultures and philosophy in creating disciplined, independent, productive, compassionate and creative generation. There is ample information relating to childhood physical ailments, psychological development and safety from adverse experiences.

Raising a Child

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